Leak: Harvard Petri Dish Reveals Why Aging Causes...

Derek Evans • SPECIAL ISSUE • 2018

Fat to Stick
to Belly, Thighs, and Underarms

She ignored cravings. Didn’t cheat once. She ate healthy… Organic foods.

Kale, spinach, broccoli, and protein. Bland foods. Chicken. Coconut oil. Healthy foods. Just like the doctor ordered.

Sound familiar? Meet Jane.

She exercised. She did everything right.

But something went wrong.

She lost a few pounds, but within weeks… It came right back.

Only if she knew about the forbidden nutrient Harvard researchers discovered under a tiny petri dish…

Hi, I’m Derek Evans, and once I show you the leaked Harvard video...

You’ll see with your very own eyes why certain “stubborn” fat cells don’t always respond to diet or exercise.

You’ll be shocked because... you’ll finally get it.

You’ll understand why fat around your thighs, under your arms, and around your midsection are so hard to lose...

And how to get rid of your most stubborn areas...

Yet doesn’t it seem odd?

Why haven’t you heard anything on the news?


Even on social media?

Well, Here’s The Truth:

This study has been buried under piles and piles of lies.

Why would they want you to know the big secret... the big fat-loss solution.

When they can continue to sell you diet products for the next 30 years?

So please, for your own good...

Read this short article now.

Because the secrets you learn here will help you shed unwanted body fat, if you follow the healthy tips we share…. only with you and a select few others.

Imagine after you walk away from this article… you’ll know the truth:

Why dieting causes fat cells to stop releasing fat...

The culprit behind why it’s harder to lose weight as you age – it’s not a slower metabolism…

How to turn on the fat-loss switch with a single missing nutrient, not found in vitamins or food labels…

And how to avoid the frustration of another diet that just didn’t work for you.

It was a chemical malfunction caused by certain unavoidable toxins...

In our drinking water, the air and in our food…

Especially healthy foods, like fruits and veggies.

Toxins that weren’t present just a decade ago. But more on that in a moment.

Because Jane was left devastated.

The weight she initially lost, came right back.

She felt tricked.

She blamed it on herself. Her genetics. Her age. That’s what they want you to believe.

That it’s your fault.

More diets, expensive foods, and scam-y supplements. More money down the toilet. No results. Just devastation.

But What The Harvard Research Center Discovered…

Proves it was all a lie.

And in just a moment you’ll be exposed to the same shocking truth...

Evidence why sometimes diets and exercise can’t work alone...

Why fat cells remain unresponsive...

And how you can turn the switch back on by recharging your body with a single missing nutrient...

A nutrient that is ever present in the slimmest and healthiest societies around the world… like Okinawa Japan, and Sardinia, Italy.

Because otherwise no matter how little you eat, or how much you run, your fat cells won’t release fat...

Because the truth is…

...it’s not calories

...it’s not a magic pill

...it’s not a magic workout

It’s about your fat cells being able to OPEN UP and LET GO of what’s inside them.

Here’s what I mean...

Scientists used to think fat cells were just balloons that stored fat.

But research now shows fat cells “talk”.

They tell each other when to release fat.

When fat cells receive a signal to “release fat,” they loosen their grip on the fat inside.

But that’s not all.

They ALSO send messages to cells to

...muscles cells,

...the liver

...and other organs

...forcing them to USE the released fat for energy.

That means, it does two things: it signals the fat cells inside your body to open up and release what’s inside.

AND it also signals your muscles to use this newly released fat for energy.

Here’s Why This Matters So Much:

As we age, things in our bodies change. it gets harder and harder for our fat cells to send and receive these messages.

We can be eating the healthiest food, counting our calories, cutting our carbs but if the fat cells inside your body don’t hear the message to release fat from inside your cells...

...it simply won’t matter. Your fat cells act like a VAULT, tightly holding on to fat and never letting go.

Inflammation throughout your body and hormone imbalances brought on by stress... processed foods.... and exposure to environmental toxins...

They all destroy the receptors on the surface of your fat cells.

And this kills their ability to receive any kind of signal to release body fat.

This is why so many Americans are experiencing stubborn, unrelenting fat storage, no matter how little they eat, or no matter how hard they exercise.

And it’s also the reason so many “scam-ey” fat burning supplements don’t work.

If the fat cells in your body cannot receive the signal to let go of the fat and if your muscles cannot get the signal to USE this fat for energy...

...nothing else will matter.

When you get your fat cells to talk... they release and let go of the fat.

The Good News: Science has Revealed a Way to Restore
Fat Cell Communication.

In 2008, researchers at Harvard University were shocked to discover a natural molecule called palmitoleic acid.

I’m sure you’ve heard of a certain oil called “Omega 3”.

Like how it’s one of the healthiest kinds of fat to take on a daily basis.

This new molecule is like a distant cousin to Omega 3.

But potentially with much more power. Scientists call it Omega 7.

When the Harvard researchers put fat cells in a petri dish and added it...

They were able to actually see and measure the fatty acids leaving the cells!

It looks like a fine, pure, edible oil.

That is, if it’s actually harvested from a pure source and it is not made from cheap ingredients.

Or allowed to sit in a warehouse for long periods (which causes any oil to go stale and even RANCID).

Only a very small amount was needed in the body to start seeing a dramatic results on many levels.

And when these scientists saw what it was able to do. Like its ability to:

Encourage fat cells to communicate to aid in weight loss with proper diet and exercise

Keep blood sugar levels in balance

Maintain and promote optimal heart health

Helps to maintain cholesterol levels

Maintains proper digestive function by strengthening and lining the digestive tract

Keeps skin looking plump and fine lines at bay

...it’s no wonder Harvard’s governing board applied for a patent on it.

But they weren’t the only ones who tested it.

Featured on TV...

A well-known doctor told a story about an experiment done with rats. The results were nothing short of astonishing.

In Australia, two groups of rats were fed the same amount of food.

But one group was given small amount of this new palmitoleic acid (Omega 7).

The result? Take a look as this doctor describes what Australian researchers discovered with this oil.


Why It works So Well...

Yet, That’s Only ONE of the Staggering Ways This Form Of Omega 7 Powers Off the Stubborn Pounds From Your Body.

This unique fatty acid also helps
fat-cells communicate with each other.

Allowing the “bad fat” in your body to no longer be stored, but rather to be released and shed. This makes it easier for the cells to keep the lines of communication open.

The results go BEYOND dieting & weight loss.

But what makes Omega 7 even more incredible are all the other surprising effects it has on your body.

In animal studies, this incredible nutrient increased the hormones that make you feel full by 26 percent.

And it also made them eat 16% LESS food.

If scientific animal studies prove correct, Omega 7 should help you feel full faster, and subsequently eat less at each meal. In other words, it can help you feel full on fewer calories so slimming is even more effortless.

Optimizes Skin Health

This nutrient provides the main building blocks for skin. And it has been shown to optimize your natural collagen production.

This means it has a massive effect on:

Keeping your skin looking plump and youthful

Keeping skin hydrated and balanced

Keeping fine lines at bay

Maintaining your skin’s elasticity

Women who increased their intake raved brighter eyes and seeing a noticeable difference in hair and nails.

All of this, in addition to helping maintain that waistline.

But There’s More.

Helps Keep Your Sugar Levels Balanced

As I mentioned above, it has been shown to reduce insulin resistance. Help balance sugar levels and maintain insulin production. Help sugar levels stay balanced.

We, of course, also recommend to watch what you are eating! But Omega 7 should help you keep sugar levels in check without constant worry at every meal.

Maintain Proper Digestive Function

Omega 7 optimizes the health of your entire digestive tract by strengthening and lubricating the walls of your colon.

This means...

Any troublesome digestive symptoms should dissipate, and your digestion should be like new again.

Yet, it’s not enough to hear what acclaimed scientists have discovered in prestigious laboratories.

Ricky says...

“My wife was so blown away with
my results she has now started taking it”

I had lost weight... my wife was so blown away with my results she has now started taking it. In first 2 weeks she dropped some lbs as well! I think that this is has got to be the key ingredient for supercharged health and weight loss!

Lee P. wrote...

“Now I definitely have more energy, I am eating less...”

I used to take nano-naps several times throughout the day. Now I definitely have more energy, I am eating less and have gone down a size in my clothes.

We also received this unsolicited success story from this 76-year-old seasoned citizen who told us...

“I have lost weight without any
real change in my eating habits”

I actually have more energy and am not as hungry as in the past. And while this may not be typical, I am way more active and I have lost weight without any real change in my eating habits...”

Then there’s Johnna who told us...

“I lost some weight in 2 weeks.”

In the 1st couple of days I noticed my appetite had decreased and I became full quicker. My skin is beginning to look a bit younger.
I feel like I am losing targeted belly fat. I lost some weight in just 2 weeks. I feel stronger and have better energy.

I will show you how you can find and use this powerful weapon of fat destruction soon.

However, before I do...

...I need to talk about the “natural weight loss supplement conspiracy.”

Now, this may upset you. But as I’m sure you know, the weight-loss industry is massive.

And profit is their guiding light.

This results in manufacturers using diluted or adulterated ingredients.

Or worse... They stuff their capsules with cheap useless fillers.

These are inert compounds that do nothing to your body, but increase the weight of the pill so they can charge more and save on their main ingredient.

Or in this case, they use cheap and low-grade extraction methods to extract this oil.

A Consumer’s Guide- How to Shop for the World’s Purest, Healthiest, And Most Potent Omega 7.

When it comes to oils like Omega 7, you need 3 things:

#1: Avoid this similar ingredient:

Not all omega-7s are the same. Some sources of omega-7s could actually be dangerous.

You see, omega-7s naturally contain an unhealthy saturated fat called palmitic acid (pal-MIT-tick acid) – not to be confused with the palmitoleic acid.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO),1 palmitic acid raises these LDL levels more than other saturated fats, like stearic acid. They say there is convincing evidence that high consumption of palmitic acid can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

One study2 has also linked high consumption of palmitic acid to a greater risk of obesity and insulin resistance, which is a precursor to type 2 diabetes.

So you can see why you’d want to avoid it at all costs.

Omega-7s from certain sources such as Sea Buckthorn, macadamia nuts, and others are readily available.

But they all naturally contain the unhealthy palmitic acid – so any omega-7 benefits you get could be wiped out by the negative effects of the palmitic acid in these supplements.

It is VERY tough to purify. There are Omega-7’s sold.
But they have a lot of palmitic acid and it renders it powerless.
The purification is tough and expensive. If the omega-7 you’re taking has a lot of this palmitic acid, it can cause MORE inflammation than it prevents.

Second, and this is just as important...

#2: Use a COLD-PRESS extraction method.

That is why COLD-PRESSING is absolutely necessary.

Cold-pressing is a method of extracting oil from a source without heat.

You see, as a rule of thumb, the purer the oil, the more easily it combines with oxygen and heat. This is what turns ANY edible oil, foul, putrid, and rancid.

That’s why pure and expensive bottles of olive oil are always sold in tin cans, or in dark smoky bottles.

It’s to prevent light, and heat from degrading the oil.

But when the oils are extracted from the source, and too much heat is present, the oil will degrade at that moment.

Imagine that, destroying the product the moment it is made!

This makes a poorer and lower-grade product right out of the gate. It’s easier to spoil. And it goes rancid much faster.

The THIRD thing that you need to look for is…

#3: A short storage life.

An oil as pure and potent as this cannot, must not and should not be stored for long periods.

The longer they are stored, the more likely it is to get exposed to heat, air, particles, and pollutants.

To store them for long periods of time without any risk of going bad, will
make them 10 TIMES more expensive.

And there is NO GUARANTEE they will be as pure as if they shipped to you right away.

The Only Way To Make
And Deliver Omega-7

To truly have the greatest purity and concentration is to be:

Sourced from the purest locations...

Extracted using COLD-PRESSED methods and…

Shipped directly to you as close to the time it was pressed as possible.

That’s why, I look for small individual oil extractors.

The ones who produce on a small scale.

And that are focused on overall optimum health and wellness...

...Instead of deeply lining their pockets.

I can tell you, of all the places to look, it’s hardest to find within the weight loss industry.

That’s because it’s much harder to make any money when quality is your main goal.

The cost of extraction is higher than almost any other oil. Even Dr. Roizen, the famous colleague and co-author of Dr. Oz says:

“ The purification is tough and expensive.”

So Now, We Had a Choice to Make.

Do we sell at a premium and ensure there is enough profit to stay in business and keep delivering only the purest Omega 7?

That would make this available to a small few who could afford it.

But even if we sold this at a premium price, at least, it would stay on the market.

However, if we make it as affordable as possible...

...making it available to everyone...

...we will have to either take very little profit. Or even take a loss. And threaten our ability to keep it on the market. It's a risk.

But when we faced the facts. When we thought about kids that might benefit from our product! KIDS! How there are more of them now than ever before...

The choice was clear.

We just had to make this available to as many people as possible. And if that meant it lowering the price (and reducing our profit), so be it.

As long as we are marketing direct to you. By staying out of stores, and by NOT using mass marketing, we can keep this affordable without reducing any of the fat- burning and health boosting power.

But we don’t know how long we can keep it on the market this way. It all depends on how many sales we can keep making.

So here it is, available to you now.

We’re Calling it...
Ultra Omega Burn.

Ultra Omega Burn is the purest and most potent form of palmitoleic fatty acid available to you.

It is so pure and so potent that it signals your fat cells to open up... release the fat and force your body to use this released fat for energy.

Not only that...

You’ll probably also find your skin appearing more youthful. Fine lines will be kept at bay and other skin conditions more manageable.

Your digestive system will be more regulated.

Hair and nails will grow stronger!

There are so many more benefits that one small dose of this little known nutrient can provide.

And as I’ve said before, studies show that this one nutrient can benefit your overall health and supplement your diet.

Now remember, as I explained...

...because pure adulterated Omega 7 is expensive to produce and we feel it is our responsibility to keep the price as low as possible.

To do that, we are keping costs low by not going retail and mass marketing as well as connecting direct to you through the internet.

As you can imagine, this is risky. We are giving up the financial cushion to order mass-quantities.

So once it gets sold out, we have to wait until the next batch is made. (Remember, i explained earlier, we cannot risk keeping these in storage for long periods of time.)

To eliminate this risk, we came up with an idea.

We want as many of your raving testimonials and word of mouth marketing as possible.

So that is why we are going to offer ULTRA OMEGA BURN... absolutely free.

At this time, what will ensure Omega 7 is available, is for you to send in your rave testimonials.

We want to hear from you. We want to hear how your life has been transformed. Maybe it has affected you in one or more of the following ways...

...your new energy levels...

...maintaining healthy lower cholesterol...

...your increased mental clarity...

...is affecting your life.

And how you can finally fit into the clothes you haven’t been able to wear for years.

How you no longer feel like you’re in a battle with your willpower. Because you have naturally lost your intense cravings and hunger.

For the first time, in a long long time, you will feel your age is no longer a factor in having the body you desire.

And even how mental fog...

...memory lapses...

...and scattered thinking

...have disappeared.

And We Know You Will Have All Of This and More Once You Start Using ULTRA OMEGA BURN.

Here’s what Karen Sue had to say...

“I couldn't believe my eyes! I am frankly, shocked!”

I was desperate to lose weight. I started Ultra Omega Burn and took it faithfully every morning. After 2 months, I felt different.

I was reluctant to get on the scale... but finally decided to weigh myself.

I got on the blessed thing, looked at it... shook it... got back on and WOW! I couldn't believe my eyes! I am frankly, shocked!

I am continuing to see a change in my body and it’s amazing. I’m down one size and ready to drop another.

I have energy, flexibility, an overall sense of well being and I feel great and am doing activities that I haven’t done in years. It’s amazing!

I am so thrilled with this product and plan on taking it for as long as you provide it!

And then there’s this remarkable email we received from another thrilled user...

“It’s almost as if I have found
something that has been missing”

I have been using Ultra Omega Burn for 3 months and here are some of the things I noticed:

1. For the first time in my life, targeted areas of my body that were once difficult to improve are becoming a reality.

2. I have fewer sugar cravings

3. Better, more consistent meals

4. Exercise is showing better, faster results

5. I sleep better, too!

I dropped a clothing size without really trying and my husband has been complimenting my butt.

It’s almost as if I have found something that has been missing in my chemical make up and I am now complete.

Tracy Dennis couldn’t believe her results, She says,

“It doesn’t have any bad side
effects for me and it actually works”

As a post-menopausal woman who had five children it became almost impossible to lose weight or feel healthy. Well, Ultra Omega Burn changed my life! I’m able to focus, my energy is better, I’m more active, my mood is fantastic and with my increased energy I’m finally losing the weight that I desperately needed to lose!!! When i stepped on to the scale and noticed my weight loss I was in shock! It doesn’t have any bad side effects for me and it actually works. No joke — I can’t live without it. Thank you!

Andrew V, age 73, spent the last two years suffering from crushing fatigue. He couldn’t get through the day without taking a long nap...and then he still felt tired afterwards!

Andrew went for a battery of blood tests, but everything came back normal. The doctor said his symptoms were due to “old age...” but Andrew wasn’t about to accept THAT diagnosis!

Having nothing to lose, he decided to give Ultra Omega Burn a try. His results? Outstanding!

“I feel stronger, not tired.”

For 2 years I searched for something to give me energy, to get back to feeling good as I did for my first 70 years. Then I came across Ultra Omega Burn. Just a few days after taking it, all the tiredness in the daytime has gone. I feel back to how I felt before my 2 Tired Years! It has made a noticeable physical difference to my energy levels and It also makes me feel younger. Two different people asked me my age and when I told them 73, they said, ‘no way, you look more like 50!’ I feel stronger, not tired. I can walk around feeling great every day. Ultra Omega Burn has solved my problem. I am very grateful!

And let’s not forget Yaniv, who told us:

“I lost weight in less than a month
and my blood pressure is better than before.”

After one week I started to feel better and lose weight. I lost weight in less than a month and my blood pressure is better than before. Other stuff I tried was worthless. This is awesome! It works!

Ali Y. told us...

“My energy increased and my appetite decreased.”

I have only been using the product about two weeks so far, but the results seem promising. My energy increased and my appetite decreased. I have a decreasing desire for food, especially sugar. My daughter offered me a sweet treat and I was able to say no and had no strong desire for the treat. Previously, I would have pounced on any sugary treat.

We also heard from this thrilled customer! She says,

“I know I want to take it every
morning so my day will go well”

I feel calmer. I can miss a meal and not care. I have more energy at the gym and I sleep better. I know I want to take it every morning so my day will go well. After 4 weeks, I think I’m hooked!

It's Just That Good.

However, you need to know...

Once we have accumulated the testimonials we need...

We will begin selling Ultra Omega Burn at $99.95 a bottle.

For most of the clients we’ve now worked with...

We saw that $99.95 a bottle replaces over $300 a month in food you won’t be eating anymore and/or medication you may not have to take.

I can’t say that it won’t reduce your clothing expense, because you might have to get new items for your wardrobe.

I’m Taking All The Risk
Off Your Shoulders

Here’s why you have absolutely nothing to risk:

Order ULTRA OMEGA BURN absolutely free right now, while you can...

...all you need to do is to try one bottle: just one month’s supply.

Use it, and see if you experience any individual benefits. We know you will see why it’s the best investment you have made for your health.

Even if you use up the entire bottle and if you still want to get your money back, it won’t be an issue.

That’s right. We’re giving you a FULL YEAR to decide.

Get your peaked figure with Ultra Omega Burn!
If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results - It’s FREE!
Get up to $339.75 in savings when you order now!

We only want raving customers. And we know you too will be EUPHORIC when you experience what ULTRA OMEGA BURN does to you. That’s why we are so confident.

Yes, I’m sure there are some people who will use it, and ask for their money back regardless.

And from past experience, most people are honest and people just want to live their days, FREE from excessive weight that is none of their fault. So...

This Is Your Moment...

Because you are here...

Reading this letter... and since you want the absolute best for yourself and to live the healthiest life possible...

You can get your order for our introductory price of $49.95. Now that’s $50 off the future price.

Now if that is not reason enough for you to place your order right now, I’ll give you another reason.

No matter what the price ends up going up to...

...you will only have to pay this same price for ANY future orders.

So when we begin marketing Ultra Omega Burn on a large scale, others will be paying $99.95 or more for a one-month supply.

Yet you will only have to pay $49.95.

Once you place your order, you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Now, once you fill in your information and confirm your order, your bottle of Ultra Omega Burn will be shipped out and arrive at your door.

Claim These Reports
Absolutely Free!

Now, in addition to having the most advanced NATURAL fat loss supplement today...

I want to make sure you get the most out of your Ultra Omega Burn.

Bonus Report #1: - Normally $37

So I am now including my special report, called “Hormone Secrets To Weight Loss”.

In this report, which you will be able to download right away once you order your first bottle ofUltra Omega Burn...

It’ll get you the fastest and most dramatic transformation possible by showing you all the different ways hormones store and also burn fat.

It’ll show you the most common mistakes we make that cause our very own hormones to sabotage our weight loss efforts... how to avoid them.

You’ll be able to speed up your success because it will show you the different foods you can eat that flood your body with powerful fat burning and anti-aging hormones like human growth hormone and testosterone.

It’ll also show you what fat-storing foods and ingredients manufacturers have snuck into your foods that increase estrogen into your body so you can avoid them.

This is not a replacement for you takingUltra Omega Burn.

It is something that, again, will make your individual experience happen faster and easier.

The cost of “Hormone Secrets To Weight Loss” is normally $37 when you buy it alone.

It’s yours absolutely free and you can download it in the next 30 seconds when you order Ultra Omega Burn right now.

But to give you the latest tactics and techniques science has to offer for effortless fat loss...

I’m also going to include a second free gift.

Bonus Report #2: - Normally $37

It’s called “ Desserts and Sweets for a Flat Stomach”

Imagine if you could freely eat rich, delicious desserts and still lose weight.

What would it be like if you had a rich, thick decadent chocolate shake made of superfoods that literally raise your metabolic rate and taste just as good, if not better, than the real thing.

Well that’s what you’ll be able to have MINUTES after you order.

I’ve has compiled a collection of recipes made by expert dietitians and chefs that use only superfoods, natural sweeteners and clever prep methods.

So they are easy for you to make at home.

Well that’s what you’re getting: A recipe book of superfood desserts that you can eat guilt-free like tarts, pies, shakes and cakes!

In fact, here’s what one lady said about “Desserts and Sweets for a Flat Stomach”...

“Had that chocolate shake almost every morning for breakfast and still dropped 3 dress sizes”

I didn’t believe you when you said I could have a dessert for breakfast. I challenged you on that and had that chocolate shake almost every morning for breakfast and still dropped 3 dress sizes.
And now, I don’t have to worry about what to give my kids after dinner.
-Sophia Lee

You’s have to pay $37 if you bought it by itself. But I’m giving it to you free of charge once you order ULTRA OMEGA BURN.

As you can imagine, this has created an avalanche of orders.

I’m not sure right now if we even have any Ultra Omega Burn in stock at the time you’re reading this.

Below, you’re either going to see 3 options to order Ultra Omega Burn below...

... or you’ll see a sign-up form to get on a waitlist, that means we’ve run out of inventory.

And unfortunately, we can’t help you.

However, if you do see three ordering options,
it means we still have some in stock.

So as it Stands,
You Have 3 Choices Right Now.

Option 1:

You can do nothing at all.

You can continue to live your life, at your current weight and do nothing about it, which could lead to more health problems for you.

Option 2:

You can use the advice I’ve given you for free in this article.

You can try to do it on your own. You may get improvement with this.

And that’s WONDERFUL.

I want you to get better and live a longer and fuller life.

And then there’s ...

Option 3:

Try Ultra Omega Burn without risk…

Try it for at least two weeks. The instructions are on the bottle. They are easy to follow.

You can still use the tips I’ve given you earlier.

They will just make things go much faster.

We’ve Been Robbed Of Our
God-Given Claim To Natural, Optimum Health.

I wish it wasn’t this way, but today’s world, the idea of creating optimum health... actually, to have NORMAL health, we need supplements.

The food industry, has created so much processed and engineered frankenstein food we don’t know what we’re eating anymore.

Our Metabolisms are evolving in response to all the chemical people are unknowingly ingesting.

Because of the constant and massive exposure to hormone altering and cancer causing chemicals in your food supply...

... it seems our bodies have become IMMUNE to common diet and exercise that used to work alone.

Even fresh food like vegetables and fruits have been harvested early...

... before the full amount of nutrients are developed in the fruits and vegetables...

...they are sprayed with chemical pesticides and herbicides and they all go into our bodies.

And we don’t metabolize fat the way we should anymore!

Our Metabolism Starts
to Slow Down.

Fat starts to grow faster and become more resistant.

You feel tired.

You gain more weight

You get more aches and pains.

You literally age faster.

There is no reason for this.

All you have to do is click the “Add To Cart” button that has appeared below and order a bottle of Ultra Omega Burn.

Now, in addition to having the most advanced NATURAL fat loss supplement today, I want to make sure you get the most out of your new order of ULTRA OMEGA BURN.

Bonus Report #3: - Normally $47

It’s called... “The Fat-Burning Guide To Eating Out”

As you know, eating out can be one of the biggest challenges when trying to lose fat.

So I complied all the “belly fat friendly” menu items in the most popular fast food restaurants.

So you can have at your finger-tips the exact items to order while you’re on the go.

No more sabotaging your diet, no more stress, no more awkward moments when you’re out with guests.

Just like Patsy Miller...

“I lost weight and i feel great about my blood sugar”

I wanted to lose weight and control my blood sugar. After 2 months I went to the doctor. I lost weight and I feel great about my blood sugar.

Another delighted customer reported...

“I slept better felt better and
lost not only weight but inches as well”

I began Ultra Omega and experienced wonderful results. I slept better felt better and lost not only weight but inches as well. I also suffer from an auto immune condition and this helped me feel an overall wellness of being.

Another happy lady told us about an unexpected side effect she noticed with Ultra Omega Burn — a better night’s sleep! She emailed us to say...

“But what really spoke to me
is that I sleep better at night!”

I feel more energized than I have for a while, and my clothes seem a bit roomier. But what really spoke to me is that I sleep better at night! I used to wake frequently during the night and be unable to fall back to sleep for quite some time. Plus nothing really helped to control my appetite. Ultra Omega Burn does.

Shelby feels more energetic than ever...

“This is very gentle on my system.”

This product seems to jump start my metabolism which I need. After 3-1/2 weeks I feel more energetic and I lost weight already. Other products make you jittery or contain caffeine or change your digestion. This is very gentle on my system. No headache, no side effects for me. I’m very happy!

Annette contacted us all the way from Queensland, Australia to say...

“I lost some weight, too.”

This is my third week. I am feeling good! My knees aren’t as sore and I am moving about better. I lost some weight, too.

Kretya had astounding results, too. She was excited to report...

“It really worked”

With the second bottle well, I was shocked. My belly fat went down. I feel great! Ultra Omega Burn delivered what it says. It really worked. Thank you!

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“My clothes fit more loosely and
I can tolerate the Florida heat better.”

I could never stick to any diet for any length of time without gaining back the weight when I fell off the wagon. After a couple of weeks of taking Ultra Omega Burn I noticed that I feel satisfied with less food. Most other products I’ve tried over the years had no effect on my hunger. My clothes fit more loosely and I can tolerate the Florida heat better. I have more bowel movements. I feel like my digestive system has been sped up and is being swept clean.

You Have Nothing to Risk Whatsoever. Yet You Have So Much Success to Have.

So go ahead and order your first bottle of Ultra Omega Burn.

Choose the option below that you feel most comfortable starting with. That is, if it’s still available.

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Which of these do you want to experience most?

Now, once you start using Ultra Omega Burn...

...you’ll probably notice it working on the first day.

Most people do.

You’ll notice, that you feel more energetic and that you aren’t craving unhealthy food anymore.

Then in a few days, when you wake up and get dressed for work, you’ll notice your clothes slide on just a bit easier and when you look in the mirror, your clothes look different.

They don’t fit the way they used to.

A week later, people will start commenting on your face.

Because unlike traditional weight loss programs where you lose both muscle and water...

...these ingredients also contain some of the most potent antioxidants...

...so not only does your face start to get more chiseled...

...or your jaw line start to show more, your hair and skin will start to look younger and healthier.

In a short while later... you should start to see lean, toned muscle starting to peek through and reshape your body.

You’ll also notice your mind is clearer.

Like you have more attention to focus on things.

Now that your body is not having wild sugar swings, you’ll feel this extra energy.

And now it won’t be a hyper, caffeine-induced buzz.

No, it’ll be a calm, cool, energy. Like you have much more endurance.

By dinner time, you’ll notice you didn’t need to drink those extra cups of coffee in the afternoon. Because you didn’t have your 2 o’clock crash.

The next day, you will wake up feeling sharper than before. Like your body got the rest you want for the first time in a long time.

For some, this might take a day or two longer.

Now for others, it might a week.

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However, One Day, IT Will Happen.

I call it... your “Moment Of Freedom”.

It’s where you feel, things are truly normal for the first time. Where you’re in control of your weight again.

Where you’re not fighting an “invisible enemy” that keeps blocking your weight loss.

Where you know you can wear what you want... have the body shape you desire... and end any worry about any weight-related issues that are rampant in America today.

So you can be there for the people that mean the most in your life: Your children... your grandchildren, your spouse and your friends.

Until this moment, a part of you was held hostage by inflammation, that blocked your body from releasing fat and burning it for the energy you crave... and putting your health at risk.

When the “Moment Of Freedom” comes for you, it will be over.

This is what I desire for you. I want this for you.

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Again, this is Derek and thank you for your time.

Still Here? Still
Making Your Decision?

As you can imagine, I get a lot of questions about this breakthrough supplement because it’s causing so much controversy right now.

So let me just answer some of the most common questions people have. Hopefully. I’ll answer any questions you might have as you’re sitting there making your decision.

Ultra Omega Burn has been taken by thousands of folks with no reported side effects.

The only side effect is possibly that you may have to throw away a lot of skin care, hair care products.

You might also have to throw away some digestive supplements you’re taking because this regulates your digestion as well.

In that case, no big deal. Just cut the dose in half and you’ll be back to a nice, healthy balance in a day or so.

Ultra Omega Burn is a lot more safe than having fat cells that don’t listen to the signals they should.

Fixing this situation right now just might be the best thing you can do for your health and well being as you get older.

Omega-7 reduces the production of fat in the liver.

You can expect your stubborn fat to begin to decrease.

You can expect your skin to improve.

That’s because Omega7 maintains your collagen production.

If you have a skin condition, you can expect it to improve.

You can also expect your digestion to improve. A LOT.

Omega 7 lubricates your digestive tract and makes it easier for you to eliminate and reduce any type of digestive issues you may have.

Now, of course, the point is everyone is different.

Everyone has slightly different body chemistry, so it’s difficult to say for sure which benefit you might experience first.

Plus, those following a strict diet and exercise regiment might benefit sooner. The best way to find out is to claim your own supply.

Grab one of the three packages below and just give it a shot.

With our 365-day money-back guarantee, you can feel totally safe doing that.

Most folks are surprised because they have no idea how much their cell’s inability to send and receive signals to each other has been ruining their quality of life.

They get Ultra Omega Burn just thinking they want to break through their weight loss plateau. And all of a sudden, they have more energy and their sleep improves.

Sometimes it’s a total surprise when something instantly gets better and you wake up out of a fog you didn’t know you were in. I mean, why live your life as Clark Kent when you could be Superman?

Like I said in the previous question, okay, basically the most noticeable side effect of having your body work the way it’s supposed to is smooth and consistent fat loss.

Now, the only question is when does this become a problem?

The main thing you want to make sure you do is, hydrate.

Drink water and keep your body hydrated so it facilitates the removal of unused body fat.

If you find you’re losing more than a pound a day it might be time to taper back the dose a bit.

Maybe you start taking just one capsule per day and see how you feel.

Because remember, Ultra Omega Burn is about bringing your life into balance. It wasn’t designed as a weight loss pill. It’s meant to help your body get younger from the inside.

So yeah, please take Ultra Omega Burn responsibly and maintain a proper diet and exercise regimen.

You’ll know. No question.

What makes Ultra Omega Burn different, well, it really comes down to two things. First, as you already know, it has the 3 factors necessary to create only the purest and most potent form of Omega 7.

The purest source, the cold press method of oil extraction and a very short storage life.

Unlike other manufacturers who use the cheapest available versions lacking in potency and filled with toxins like lead or mercury, we pay a premium to secure the best batches of top quality ingredients, sometimes hiring a team of sourcing specialists to fight tooth and nail to secure shares of private-reserve, rare, and highly coveted raw ingredients.

For example, the amount of sunlight, the temperature, and most importantly the nutrients present are all factors that determine how potent and effective an extract is going to be.

Creating high quality extracts usually involves dozens of steps in order to purify it.

Yes, you end up with ten times, or in some cases, a hundred times more of the active ingredient in each dose of your product.

The extra steps translate into more labor, higher quantities of raw ingredients and, therefore, a higher cost.

If i had to describe it, Ultra Omega Burn is the Rolls Royce of Omega 7 oils.

Chances are you’ve never tried a premium nutrient like this before.

When you take it the first time, okay, this is important to realize, there is nothing illegal or synthetic in Ultra Omega Burn.

Everything you’re going to be feeling is totally natural. The crazy thing is what you’re feeling is what you’re supposed to feel in the first place.

No, as I’ve explained before, we cannot store this on shelves. To preserve its effectiveness it HAS to be sold direct- to-consumer only.

Not only that, when a manufacturer wants to put their product on store shelves, the stores and retail outlets require a huge mark up so they can take their cut.

The only products you see in stores or online retailers are very, very cheap products filled with cheap ingredients.

That’s why they can mark them up and still be reasonably priced.

Ultra Omega Burn is a premium supplement, perfectly extracted, stored and shipped directly to you.

If Ultra Omega Burn was sold in stores, it would have to be $200 a bottle if the retailers wanted to make any money.

Because we only sell direct-to-consumer, you’re able to get your hands on something that would otherwise only be available to celebrities and athletes through their private doctors and coaches.

When you order, and start using Ultra Omega Burn, you’re treating your body like royalty.

It might sound corny, but it’s true.

Plus, when you get Ultra Omega Burn directly on this page, you’re granted instant access to our private buyers-only club.

Most people don’t exercise because they lack so much energy. And their joints hurt from inflammation. And the poor diet comes from an out of control appetite brought on by all the toxins in our environment.

By maintaining and/or reducing your body’s level of inflammation and when Ultra Omega Burn blocks your appetite and cravings, you will naturally feel the energy to be physical again like when you were a kid.

Those are the most common questions I get about Ultra Omega Burn.

Hopefully, your question was answered there.

But if you’re still wondering if it’s right for you honestly, the only way to find out now is to claim your desired package by clicking on one of the three buttons below and completing your secure order.

Try it out.

Feel the life-changing effects and then decide to keep it. Isn’t it just better to find out now rather than wondering what if for the rest of your life?

Your body and your health is all you really have and your enjoyment of life and the world around you is based on how you feel.

How you feel is based on the chemical composition of your body, your body’s internal balance.

It’s no wonder why people these days don’t feel healthy and alive like they used to.

There’s an imbalance. It’s not natural to feel crappy all the time.

Life is short.

How many great healthy years do you really have left? I can’t promise this will put years on your life.

No one can.

But it will put life into your years. There’s not many things you can buy for just for at this low cost that will do so much for you.

You can eat a meal at your favorite restaurant or fill up your gas tank one time but how many things can actually change your life and the quality of your everyday experiences for that price?

I can’t think of many.

You either continue to miss out on having the experiences we’re all entitled to by continuing to take what you are taking and do what you are doing, if you feel that path is working for you.

Or you take the better option, the only option really that makes any sense at all, which is to get Ultra Omega Burn; the most advanced, potent and pure form of Omega 7 to help your metabolism do what it was meant to do.

You don’t know what it’s like to try something that works the way it’s supposed to.

To wake up in the morning fully rested and ready to take on the world and all the opportunities life has to offer.

Go ahead and click the button below and pick from three money saving options.

Remember, you’re fully protected by our 365-day guarantee and you’ll love how it makes you feel.

If you don’t notice a rapid and powerful awakening of your body just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll refund your purchase in full.

Just send the bottles back, even if they’re empty.

You really have nothing to lose and a healthy, enjoyable, and your old thinner, leaner, healthier body to gain.

And you’ll gain fast.

You’re going to love the way you look and feel. Make it a great day, an Ultra Omega day.

Enjoy Shocking Weight Loss with Ultra Omega Burn!™